Tuesday, June 17, 2008

my family

this is my testing for my grammar..heheh..hmm...i have such a big family consist of more than 30 person...my mom+my dad..my 12 siblings.. 1 brother in law..5 sister in law..n my 16 niece n nephew..woho..big hah???

below are some of my family member....
haa..this is my dad..hensem rite?? do we look same? hehe..which part? i think.....our eyes... ahaks.. just joking ..=p next to my father is my younger sister..2nd last in my family..everybody tought that we are twin..haha..no la..look carefully..but some said she is my sister..hehe..do you know what i'm thinking right now?? yeargh...i'm look younger...heheh...ceh..perasan.. =p

haha...guess what??? this is my youngest sister..she got same birthday with me...aha..11th of July 1984 and 1994... 10years differ..but..if look from her physical..hehe..of course i win..coz she become bigger than me..hehe...this pic taken during eid last year..that's why she looks a bit small..but the truth now...she is bigger than me.. =p haha..''jaga2 dik...nti org ckp akk anak bongsu..coz akk paling kecik..hehhe ''

ok....this is some of my niece n nephew.. miss u all guys..wargh..still have lots of pic of my family to be introduced..but..can't stand anymore...very sleepy right now..to be continued next time....hehhee....
c u ....tata

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